For the better part of a century, Eshelman Company has continued to diversify and expand. Our history is proof that our expertise is the most reliable and extensive source for any consultation, installation, or repair. We partner with consulting engineers to ensure that all technical specifications are met from the beginning.

Our engineers can guarantee correct determination of power requirements, calibration, and size selection of utilities components. In the early stages we offer CAD support, and can maintain every aspect of your system, even replacements. Even if we do not sell you the product, we are willing to offer field-installation and on-site repair on new or existing equipment. This way, you can be sure that the life of your system will be as long as possible.

The Eshelman experts are fully capable of providing detailed analysis of hydraulic and chemical feed systems, as well as developing and providing precise and specific specifications for any process equipment. As a design and build firm our goal is to maintain the highest levels of efficiency, proficiency, and innovation to ensure that our products and our services are the best available.

Since the early days of Eshelman Company, our service speaks for itself, and over eighty years later, our objective and vision remains simple: to provide the best equipment, products and services that meet our clients need, and stand by the end result.

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